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The Warrior is a class capable of devastating weapon attacks. They can also rally those around them with their powerful War Cry.

Level: 1


Autoattack Button
War Cry Skill Button
Rending Cut Skill Button
Whirlwind Skill Button
Vorpal Strike Skill Button
Auto Attack War Cry Rending Cut Whirlwind  Vorpal Strike
0.6 sec 15 sec 15 sec 5 sec 5 sec
melee melee melee melee melee

Sell-back Value: N/A

Drop: N/A

Shop: N/A

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Skills Edit

War CryEdit

A mighty roar which increases the attack power of all nearby friendly targets by 10% for 20 seconds.

15 second cooldown, melee. This skill buffs the Attack of all players by 10% for 20 seconds in an AoE. It deals no damage. It is instant.

Rending CutEdit

Cripple the enemy with a precise slash, weakening their attack power.

15 second cooldown, melee. This skill deals damage in a range based on your Attack. It reduces enemy attack power by 20% for 8 seconds. This skill deals roughly half the damage of an autoattack. It is instant.


Become a whirling fury hitting all enemies around you. Damage increases as your own health decreases.

5 second cooldown, melee. This skill deals damage in a range based on your Attack to all monsters in a small AoE. This skill deals roughly the same damage as an autoattack to each enemy it hits when the player is at full health; at half health, it deals about 1.5x, and near zero it deals about 2x autoattack damage. It is instant.

Vorpal StrikeEdit

A powerful strike that Dazes your foe for 3 seconds.

5 second cooldown, melee. This skill deal damage in a range based on your Attack, and dazes the foe for 3 seconds 100% of the time on a successful attack. This skill deals roughly double the damage of an autoattack. The daze does not allow the warrior to kite, since it has no ranged skills. It is instant.

Tips and TricksEdit

This section is moved here until the game mechanics are finalised.

Skill Mana Cost ScalingEdit

Level Vorpal Strike Rending Cut Whirlwind War Cry
4 18 18 36 36
5 19 19 38 38
6 20 20 41 41
7 21 21 43 43
8 23 23 46 46
9 24 24 49 49
10 26 26 53 53
12 30 30 60 60
13 32 32 64 64