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Quest Description:

I'm sure that Edon will be happy to see those notes. Can you make sure that they get back to him safely? Now we'll learn something about these new Frogzards.


  • Return Edon's Note - 0/1


  • 3 Gold coin
  • 27 Experience

Final Dialogue:

Edon's note to Robina says, "Robina, I can't thank you enough! This new friend of yours don't waste any time. Please take my notes on the new Greenguard species with my compliments (and then give them back)!"

Given By: Robina in Greenguard

Previous in Quest Chain: Stealing From Thieves

Next in Quest Chain: The Organ Job

Quest Help:


To return the notes to Edon, simply stand on the shining circle which animates at Edon's feet. Edon is located at the end of the bridge with King Sneevil on the summit, in Greenguard.