Type "/join" then the map name (eg. /join battleon)

Note: All slash commands are not case sensitive.

Known areas are:

Inaccessible areas:

  • battleboot (revamped Battleon)
  • battleon_normal (previously accessible)
  • battleon13
  • battleonfrost (previously accessible)
  • battleonm (previously accessible)
  • dagechallenge (no longer exists)
  • frostval (no longer exists)
  • gdcdemo (map demo for the 2017 GDC)
  • hauntedhouse (previously accessible)
  • limbo
  • playground (no longer exists on main servers; inaccessible on PTR server)
  • testroom
  • zakaru (no longer exists)

PTR areas:

  • artix (inaccessible)
  • fortsneed (inaccessible)
  • Overlook Grove (inaccessible)

Emotes (Emotes released during Alpha)

  • /comeon
  • /cry
  • /exorcist
  • /facepalm
  • /fistshake
  • /levitate
  • /mj
  • /squat
  • /thewave
  • /wave
  • /talk1
  • /talk2
  • /talk3

Upcoming emotes (by rank with levitate coming in first place and so on)

  • /slowclap - sarcastic applause
  • /theforce - levitate your weapon for a bit
  • /chillout - laying down, hands behind your head
  • /nooo - a Vader classic
  • /victory - epic win, arms raised
  • /meditate - sit down, cross-legged, hands on knees and become one with everything
  • /bow - a respectful bow
  • /honor - like a salute, standing at attention, fist to heart
  • /coinflip - flips coin and says result

Additional commands:

  • Esc: Opens Menu
  • I: Opens Inventory
  • U: Opens Use Menu
  • Tab - Monster Targets
  • /fullscreen: makes the game fullscreen
  • /report: to report a player for breaking the Terms of Service.
  • Numlock 0: Hides the HUD (can be toggled)
  • /friend <player's name>: Sends friend request to the player.
  • /ignore <player's name>: Ignores a player. The players' names will then be visible on the Ignore List in the order in which they were ignored.
  • /ignorelist: Brings up a list of all the players you ignored.
  • /unignore <player's name>: Unignores a player.
  • /report <player's name>: Reports a player.
  • /w, /t, /tell <player's name>: Whisper to someone
  • <player's name> > (space bar): Whisper to someone
  • /r (space bar) Reply back to a player.
  • /join <location name>: Takes you to the desired location.
  • /p, /party (space bar): Speak in party chat (s or say followed by pressing the space bar deactivates party chat)
  • /partyinvite <player's name>: Invites a player to your party
  • /leaveparty: Allows you to leave a party
  • /c, /clear: Clears the chat log
  • /graphics: Displays graphics settings
  • List of Rare Commands
    • Numlock 9: Hides the player model (Re-log or equip another armor to reappear) (this command is currently disabled)
    • showstore: Displays the upgrade menu.