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Quest Description:

A while ago I kept losing my place. I mean, literally... my shop would wander off on its own. I created a magical Placeholders that hold places in place and keep them from drifting off. Trust me, it happens. Unfortunately I lost my Placeholders too. I need you to go find one of them for me. Jimmy The Eye told me he saw a Cave Sneevil with one a few days ago.


  • Cysero's Placeholder - 0/1


  • 17 Gold coin
  • 170 Experience

Final Dialogue:

Oh, great! You found it! Thanks! You have no idea how frustrating it is coming back home to find home is now somewhere else. This will save me a lot of time!

Given by: Cysero in Cysero's Forge

Quest Help:

Cysero's Placeholder is obtained from defeating Cave Sneevils in Livingstone Caverns. Sneevils in Greenguard won't work for the quest. This quest is repeatable.