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Level: 1

Location: Yulgar's Inn


Good day! I'm Melodia, Battleon's only certified Battlemaid and Yulgar's only server. Someone called me a 'Tavern Wench' once, but he left so fast that I had to mail him most of the teeth that I knocked out. Have a seat and I'll bring you a drink!

Talk Responses:

If you just want to look like an Alpha Knight, I can sell you beginner versions of the Alpha Knight gear right now. However as an Alpha Knight, you are expected to set an example of what a knight should be. I have been tasked with six quests that will test what you're made of. Each time you complete one of the tasks, you will receive a different piece of your advanced Alpha Knight set.



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Health 141 Attack 141
Mana 141 Defense 141
Bonus Resists
Dodge +0% Fire +0%
Hit +0% Ice +0%
Crit +0% Nature +0%
Crit Power +0% Energy +0%