See also Game Mechanics, Slash Commands, and Emotes.

Main User InterfaceEdit

Game Interface Labeled
  1. Chat Window
  2. Username
  3. Character Model
  4. Player Stats button
  5. Health and Mana bars
  6. Use Items and Menu buttons
  7. Skills and Autoattack, and Jump Buttons
  8. Target button
  9. Joystick button

See also: Controls

Chat WindowEdit


Examples of what you can do and how it will show up.

This is the area where you can see messages from other users, and send messages yourself. You can also use slash commands here. To begin typing, press enter. A cursor will appear, indicating that you are now able to type. Press enter again to send your message or to submit the slash command. If you click out anywhere on the UI outside of the text entry box, you will become unable to continue typing. Press enter again to resume typing.



A basic name.

This is where your character's name will be displayed. Some people will have coloured names; they are either staff or volunteers, so be nice and say hello to them. You can learn more about what each of the colours mean here.

Character ModelEdit

Your character model will display all of the items you currently have equipped. It will always remain in the center of the screen, no matter which way you run, jump, fall, or move the camera.

Player StatsEdit


This button will open up the stats pane, as seen to the right. This pane displays your current stats. If your stats change, such as through equipping different gear or by receiving a buff such as the Mage's Mana Shield, the change will not automatically update the pane. You must re-open the pane to see the changes.

To learn more about each stat, see the Game Mechanics page.

Health/Mana and ExpEdit

The health bar is red, and the mana bar is blue, and the EXP bar is yellow. Each display the current


percentage of available health/mana/EXP.

Use ItemsEdit

Use item

This buttom brings up a side window that allows a player to quickly access their consumable items. There is no confirmation dialogue, so as soon as you click on an item, it is consumed. It does this so people can use items quickly in combat.



  • X button: closes menu
  • right-pointing arrow button: brings you back one level (eg from Quest Log to the main menu).

Menu ChoicesEdit

kontol Inventory: All items are stored here, including consumables.

Classes: You can change between classes.

Quest Log: Current quests you are on and info about them.

Crafting: Shows what you have crafting and whether it's done or not.

Travel: Can instantly teleport all around the world of Lore!

Potions: Menu Shop, used to buy potions.

Friends: Used to teleport to friends, or help friends teleport to you. Or see your friends list.

Settings: Toggle and change graphics, sounds and more.

Upgrade: Menu used to see upgrade information.

Logout: Takes you out of game to the log in screen.

Exit Game: Exits the whole game.

Gold (Gold coin): Used to buy items.

Dragon Crystals (Dragon Crystal Closed Beta): A purchasable currency which a player can use to save time.

Settings Edit


Settings is a place you can get to by going to your Menu bar and clicking "Settings". In this area, you can change the resolution, graphics, sound and effects for the game.

Extra Edit

  • Fullscreen - Go into Fullscreen, depending on resolution.
  • Set as default - Set everything how you want.
  • Graphics Quality - Adjusts the quality of the visuals. Higher settings will use more computing power.
  • Depth of field - Creates blur on objects that are out of focus. Turning this on will use more computing power.
  • Bloom - Lightens up the game and gives it a nice effect. Turning this on will use more computing power.



Each class has its own selection of skills. All classes have an autoattack. The icon for each class skill will show a black timer while it is on cooldown; there is also a short global cooldown that affects all class skills after one has been used.

Autoattack is toggleable, and will slowly flash when toggled on. When toggled off, its colour will remain constant.


Press space to jump. You can jump while moving, and even slightly maneuver while in the air. There are currently two jump animations, and which one is displayed is random.


Targeting enemies will highlight a nearby foe in front of you so that you are able to attack them with targeted (non-AOE) skills. Repeatedly pressing target will scroll through the valid foes. Targeting will acquire a foe that is in front of your camera's facing, not the character's. Currently, pressing target will allow you to select foes that are outside of the range of clicking with the mouse to select them.

Pressing a skill button will automatically target the nearest foe, even if you do not have anything selected. This can cause your character to run towards the foe if you're using a melee skill or autoattack.


Lets the player move around (only for mobile).

Joystick Transparent

Mobile UI with a transparent joystick.

Joystick Opaque

Mobile UI with an opaque joystick.





WASD / : movement

QE: strafe left/ right

Tab ↹ / Mouse 1 (single-click): change or acquire a target

Spacebar / Mouse 1 (double-click): jump

↵ Enter / ⏎ Return: toggle typing to chat, send chat message

I: open inventory menu

⎋ Esc: open main menu

Mouse 1 / Mouse 2 (hold, and move mouse): rotate camera

Scroll Wheel (single-click): toggle auto-run

Scroll Wheel (spin): zoom in or out

Mouse 1 + Mouse 2: auto-run and direct camera+movement

1: auto-attack (skill 1)

2: skill 2

3: skill 3

4: skill 4

5: skill 5

Mobile Edit