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Level: 1

Location: Cysero's Forge


Hiya! Looking for some fine, magically crafted weaponry? Then you've come to the right place! Or I'm in the wrong place but you found me anyway. Either way... I got what you need! Feel free to look around but I wouldn't touch anything if I were you. But, you're you and I'm someone else so... here we are.

Talk Responses:

You may think that making weapons is an odd choice for a utilitarian mage such as myself, but I have to find some way to fund my magical experiments. Magical research doesn't come cheap and heroes always need weapons so it works out for everyone! Now... where did I put that sock?



Nearby NPCs: None.


Health 96 Attack 96
Mana 96 Defense 96
Bonus Resists
Dodge +0% Fire +0%
Hit +0% Ice +0%
Crit +0% Nature +0%
Crit Power +0% Energy +0%