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Quest Description:

Sneevils are crazy about boxes. I'm not sure why. They don't care much for what's inside them but they can't resist the box itself. They've built a little fort under one of the trees out of old crates. Go find it and scout it out.


  • Find the Sneevil Boxfort - 0/1


  • 3 Gold coin
  • 27 Experience

Final Dialogue:

Yeah, that's the place alright. I'd bet my pointy green hat that Edon's notes are in there somewhere. I have an idea...

Given By: Robina in Greenguard

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Quest Help:


The Sneevil Boxfort is located east of the bridge and east of Edon and King Sneevil, near some Sneevils. When you find this fort, simply stand on the shining ring to complete the quest.