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Quest Description:

I don't know much about magic but I remember reading something in a book that Warlic let me borrow. I left the book in one of these trees around here. If you hit the trees you might knock it out. See if you can find it.


  • Hit Trees To Find The Book - 0/1


  • 6 Gold coin
  • 53 Experience

Final Dialogue:

Yup! That's the one! Now, where was that page?

Given By: Robina in Greenguard

Previous in Quest Chain: The Organ Job

Next in Quest Chain: Another Favor

Quest Help:


The trees in Greenguard will have shining particles. To find the book, go near all trees and left-click on them to hit the trees. Continue doing this on all trees until one of them drop the book.

This quest currently has a common bug which makes you unable to hit the tree at the entrance to Town of BattleOn, in Greenguard.

Let's say you hit all trees in Greenguard with no success on finding the book and have this tree left to hit. A simple solution to this outcome is to simply restart or refresh your browser, log in to the game and try hitting the trees which you COULD hit before you refreshed/restarted your browser. This solution has been confirmed.