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Level: 1

Location: Doomwood Forest


Greetings and salutations! Welcome to Doomwood... it might look like a gloomy haunted forest to some, but it is a sunny day at the beach for me. I came to help this paladin order restock this outpost and could really use your help. BATTLE ON!

Talk Responses:

The Paladin Order set up the Doomwood Watch to investigate and to contain the spread of the undead any further. It does not seem like they are watching very much. I wish they would have called me sooner. I have been tasked with uncovering the fate of my brothers and sisters in arms.



Nearby NPCs: None.


Health 141 Attack 141
Mana 141 Defense 141
Bonus Resists
Dodge +0% Fire +0%
Hit +0% Ice +0%
Crit +0% Nature +0%
Crit Power +0% Energy +0%