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Quest Description:

AH! Here it is! It says that these two ancient guardian statues were enchanted to keep monsters away from Battleon but their magic must be fading. There's a spell to fix it but I can't read this magic language. Bring the book to Edon for a translation.


  • Deliver Book to Edon - 0/1


  • 2 Gold coin
  • 14 Experience

Final Dialogue:

Edon gives you a note: "Robina, what a find! Whatever is happening to the mana in Greenguard is breaking the enchantment on the guardian statues! Here are the translated instructions to repower the spell on them! Good Luck!"

Given By: Robina in Greenguard

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Quest Help:

To deliver the book to Edon, simply stand on the shining circle which animates at Edon's feet. Edon is located at the end of the bridge with King Sneevil on the summit, in Greenguard.